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Invite family members and friends who are helping to care for and support your loved one. Together you can share the care with each person doing what they can to make your loved one feel safe and well at home.

Invite Everyone Who​ Cares

Stay Organised with Reminders

YooToo can be configured to send reminders and notifications to the right people at the right time so that you are always on top of what needs to be done.

Create & Manage Appointments

Add personal appointments to the calendar to make sure that there's help on hand to get your loved one to important events such as GP and hospital appointments.

Add & Assign Tasks

Everybody can pitch in to help by creating and allocating tasks - whether it's picking up some shopping or fixing a leaking tap - YooToo ensures that the job gets done.

The feed provides a single point of reference at all times - everybody can stay up to date with the latest situation - without you having to call everybody when something changes.

A Central Point of Information

Let Everyone Know, with Check-ins

YooToo automatically detects when you are visiting and will log your visit and encourage you to leave notes and instructions for the next visitor.

Out-of Hospital Support Planning

YooToo includes a sophisticated re-ablement tool that helps you plan and manage an intensive period of care, including visits and medication reminders,  for a family member coming home from hospital.

Medication Reminders

YooToo's advanced medication reminder and missed medication notification system helps your loved one remember important medication and links to the NHS TRUD medication database for correct names and dosages.

Wellbeing &
Mood ​Updates

YooToo checks every day to see how your loved one is feeling creating a record of pain and mood scores over time so that you can see what's really going on.

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