"This situation will only resolve itself with everybody pulling together. So, we’ve made YooToo free during the UK Coronavirus Crisis."

Coronavirus: We've made YooToo FREE during the COVID-19 crisis

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Everyone hopes that the Coronavirus pandemic will resolve itself quickly. But, until it does, there can be no room for complacency and community effort will play a vital role with family, trusted friends and neighbours all pulling together.

Government advice of self-isolating, especially for the over 70s, is alarming and will prove difficult - not just for those asked to do so, but for their families also.

Hopefully, the grip of Coronavirus will soon be over, but should your family and trusted friends need to rally around, then YooToo is there to ease pressure on those who want to help make a loved one’s self-isolation as straightforward as possible.

That’s exactly where YooToo can help, and that’s exactly why we’ve made it free-of-charge during this crisis period.

YooToo can help

Who is going to go and do a supermarket shop for an elderly loved one in self-isolation? Who is going to go and collect their repeat prescription? Who is going to be giving the lift home from the hospital?

YooToo ensures that all such essential tasks can be covered. Your brother could do the supermarket shop, your spouse could get the prescription from the chemist and the next door neighbour could check in every so often to make sure everything’s okay.

Everybody always up to date

Coordinating all of that used to mean a round of phone calls, voicemails and/or texts – often after a busy day at work for many. But YooToo keeps everything in one convenient place and everyone in the loop.

Staying out of hospital

For people with underlying health issues, it’s never been so important to ensure that prescribed medications are properly taken. And with the strain on the NHS at the forefront of our minds, it’s vital to ensure that complications and hospitalisation caused by missed medications are avoided.

YooToo will help ensure that the right medicine is taken in the right dosage at the right time.

YooToo will also record and escalate missed medication incidents when they occur and Pain and Mood score tracking will help you to understand what's really going on for your loved one during isolation.

For those that do need to go into hospital, YooToo’s Hospital Discharge wizard will help you create a period of more intensive support to help recovery. This means that we can get people out of hospital faster and free those beds up.

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We’ve made it Free to Use

We all know that this situation will only resolve itself with everybody pulling together. We want to do our bit to help, so we’ve made YooToo free during the UK Coronavirus crisis.

Just click HERE to sign up for the initial 1-month free trial and use the code COVID19 once the free trial period is over.

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